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The birthplace of the chardonnay grape.

The Vineyards of Burgundy

Burgundy is renowned for its rich pinot noirs and its golden chardonnays—in fact, the region is the birthplace of the chardonnay grape. Driving through the “Champs Elysées of Burgundy,” you’ll spot the famed vineyards of Romanée Conti, Chambertin, Clos de Vougeot, and Echezeau while the terraced hills of the Côte de Nuits float past.


Visit Macon

Of course, Burgundy isn’t simply a treat for the eyes, but a treasure-trove for the taste buds and curious minds as well. Be sure to sample the many layers of the Grand Cru and Premier Cru wines, with dozens of other pinot noir and chardonnay appellations – sipped with the ideal cheese and chocolate pairings. The region is flush with tours of wine cellars and strolls through the vines that will present a holistic view of this honored production, from growth to pour.


Cha de Pommard Cellar

From Burgundian vines to villes

As lush and lovely as the vineyards are, no trip to Burgundy is complete without visiting its star cities: Beaune and Dijon. The capital of the Burgundy region, Beaune is renowned for its art and history, as well as its stunning gastronomic scene.


Roche de Solutre

Dijon shares the cultural magnificence of Beaune (as well as the ever-present yellow-green-black terracotta roofs, known as toits bourguignons) and enjoys a rich influence from the wine industry. Walking through the city center is like walking through history; Dijon’s mélange of early medieval, gothic, and Renaissance architecture has been honored with a UNESCO World Heritage rating.


Hospice de Beaune