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Private Planes & Pampered Clients: Outrageous Requests When Flying Private

When it comes to traveling, the upper echelon rarely flies commercial. From G550s to Boeing 737s, A-listers not only expect the best in private jets, but they also have some over the top demands.

Take, for instance, the ultimate diva who refuses to fly with cold bathroom floors in her private jet. The Material Girl dismissed a brand new private plane for her world tour, which kicked off Sept 12 due to cold marble floors in the bathroom reports Radar Online.
She also insisted on a cryogenic chamber, a device that pumps nitrogen vapor over the body at -200° F, to soothe strained vocals post-performance. However, federal regulations prevented this request from being met.

Private charters keep the anonymity of their customers highly guarded, but we were able to uncover a few secret requests. We spoke with Michael Farley of Outlier Jets, a leading global private jet company specializing in complex world music tours to single passenger flights, to see how the other half lives. The company, which services captains of industry, politicians, entertainers, musicians, and many of the world’s ultra-high net worth families, can deliver a jet of any size virtually anywhere in the world, in as little as 10 hours. And that’s just the beginning. Outlier Jet can reconfigure the layout of a 737 according to personal preferences, deliver epicurean delights from your favorite restaurant for the flight, and stock the aircraft with your most outrageous request. Here are just a few examples of some of the most outrageous demands on private flights.

outlier jet in the airOutlier jet

During campaigns, politicians often run on extremely tight schedules. Even laundry services aren’t time efficient. To maximize time, politicians often request that washers and dryers be installed on the aircraft. They also reconfigure the floor plan of a 737, partitioning the plane with media towards the back, buffered by U.S Secret Service in the middle, and the core campaign team in front.

Celebrities and A-listers alike have very distinct requests. One star requests a blue lint-free blanket and a berry and melon medley. But not just any berry and melon mixture, the fruit must contain 60% blueberries and 40% melons. This same star also insists that her lemons are cut into quarters, and her jet has a supply of Werther’s Caramels and Big Red gum. She also requests a Styrofoam cooler for the leftovers.

“We receive a wide range of requests from our clients. Some are very normal request but others put our team to the test. Our job is to deliver – and with decades of experience, this is what sets our team apart” – said Mr. Farley.

As you can imagine, rock stars are in a class of their own. And, you’d be hard-pressed to find one who doesn’t love groupies. A lead guitarist’s pension for groupies leads him to invite women that he picks up at his concert on tour with him. There is one snafu. Some of these gals don’t have passports, so when the tour heads international, the women may need to be dropped in Hawaii. If the groupie is underage, they are sent back home …sorry girls you need to be 18.

outlier jet in the airOutlier jet set has arrived

It’s not just celebrities and the uber-wealthy that travel first class, high profile pooches live the high life as well. Just how far will privileged pet owners go for their four-legged friends? From mile-high birthday parties to hunting dog debacles, these pet owners spend a pretty penny on their pups!

When no ordinary birthday party will do; pampered pups, receive a princess themed party in the sky, complete with doggie goodie bags, collars, and a bone-shaped cake of course. One high profile client did not want her pup dirtying her private jet, so Fido followed behind in his own jet to the tune of $50 K!

Even famous singers miss their pups when on the road. A private pilot for another operation tells us of one pop star who had her favorite four-legged friend flown to her concert across the country.

outlier jet in the airOutlier jet, ready to lift off

And then there is the working dog. A wealthy client wanted his two hunting dogs flown to his hunting camp. He sent a private plane to fetch his two companions, but, there was a problem. The owner’s daughter gave him the wrong two hunting dogs — round two. The jet-set back out to switch out the dogs to the tune of $60K for the multiple trips.

From drugs to outlandish inflight “entertainment,” when A-listers and the uber-wealthy fly private, the sky is the limit.